Sunday, 7 December 2014

Revill Revill Lampshades

Revill Revill St Judes Natures Table Lampshade
Nature Table in Paynes Grey/Rose
Hello there, how are you? All is well here, the season is coming in and we're getting snuggly with it.

I love St Judes fabrics, their workshop is fairly near us in Norfolk and I knew I wanted more of their prints in my home, the white walls begged for it. Plus our living room is a big space and needed more mood lighting to open up the corners, to stop it feeling a bit like a doctors waiting room, so I popped along to Habitat and bought some new lamp stands, and knew that I wanted some St Judes shades.

Revill, Revill is run by Karen Revill, who makes bespoke lampshades using gorgeous fabrics sourced from makers in the UK, including pretty much the full range of St Judes fabrics. I chose 2 colourways of the Nature's Table design and one of the Hedgerow, both designed by Angie Lewin, because I like to mix and match and I'm rubbish at making decisions. I needed a bespoke size for one of the shades and that was no trouble for Karen. In fact, nothing seemed any trouble, her contact was great and the shades were with me way earlier than I had expected. Nice service Karen!

PS When you buy new lamps, prepare to get the duster out, they light up corners you never looked at before, and freak the spiders out.

PPS How the frickin frack do you take decent pictures of lighting? I think it may require more lighting, apologies for crappy pics.

Revill Revill St Judes Hedgerow Lampshade
Hedgerow in Olive/Blue on linen
Revill Revill St Judes Natures Table Lampshade Bronze Green
Nature Table in Holly / Bronze
Revill Revill St Judes Natures Table Lampshade

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