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Hello Sunshine! - Interview with Virginia of roddy&ginger

Hey hey how are you? enjoying the weather? I really am, I love nothing more than having my lunch in the sunshine, catching a few freckles despite the factor 30. This week has been full of beach, picnics, paddling pools and chicken pox - not necessarily sun related but it seems much easier to deal with when the sun shines! 

So how better to celebrate the heat than getting a bit frisky, whipping off your cardigan and getting your sunglasses around this friendly sunshine:

Sun Spot Sunshine

I discovered him when I visited Virginia Armstrong's home during the Dulwich Artists Open House, and knew he had a place in my house on one of the new Ercol chairs.

Virginia's home is one of the deeply beautiful homes I visited that day, and one of the best things about it was that you could BUY HER STYLE. Or at least buy products from her brand, roddy&ginger. Her designs and illustrations complement her mid-century home perfectly. I picked up a few more of her lovely things - her hand printed half circles poster was so perfect for our spare room, that I bought two:
Sorry about the sunshine. Actually I'm not.

+ Vintage welsh blanket from ebay,
While I was there I asked her if she wouldn't mind answering a few questions for my little old blog. And you know what? she didn't, so!

CLM: Where did Roddy & Ginger begin? 
Logpile Wallpaper

VA: It began at home. I got back into screen printing about 6 years ago, took a couple of courses and grabbed our basement room for my studio space. I opened an Etsy shop at first, selling prints, bags and cushions. It evolved organically from then on. I like to try something new every year, wallpaper, house wares etc. Not always successful but always learning. I am a graphic designer and illustrator by trade so running roddy&ginger is still a bit of a sideline.

CLM: What inspires you? 
VA: Colour, pattern, vintage, nature, collecting children's illustrated books and mid-century ceramics. Living in a 'sixties house overlooking woodland is very inspiring. If my designs work in my environment then I am happy.

CLM: If your prints and products could live in anyone’s house, who would it be? 
VA: Anyone who is generous enough to want to spend money on one of my designs, I am delighted whenever I make a sale.

image: hearthome magazine Autumn 2013

CLM: Where do you shop for your home? Who are your favourite designers or artists? 
VA: I shop mostly second hand; charity shops, bootsales, flea markets, local vintage stores. Ikea for studio and kitchen basics and bits and pieces from the high street. Nothing expensive or fancy. I travel to Spain a lot and bring back glassware, ceramics and useful stuff from their excellent hardware stores. 

Stepping into a Margaret Howell shop always makes me happy, I really love their edited style. Though I would find it hard to be that pared down, I am addicted to acquiring things for the house. So much so that I have started a small prop store in my garage which gets used when I let the house as a photographic location.
Smalltown Cushions

CLM: What’s next for Roddy & Ginger? 
VA: Fabric on a roll would be nice, I am looking into it at the moment. I am also in the slow process of redesigning my website and I am going to use it as a way of tidying up my brand, editing my products and getting things consistent and integrated, a little less organic!

Thanks so much Virginia!

Buy from roddy&ginger here
Or at the Etsy shop here

These are a few of my favourite things:
Dishes Cushion in Indigo or Yellow

Smalltown Wallpaper

Pirate Screenprint
Rocking Horse Print in Olive

More amazing house. Not available on Etsy.
image: hearthome magazine Autumn 2013
image: hearthome magazine Autumn 2013

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