Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Norwich Art Car Boot Fair - Art, Beer, Music, Yes.

So Sunday saw us doing the whole Fathers Day thing - he got a lie in until 8.30.  That IS a lie in, all Dads of under 5s will tell you. That is a lie-in the length of Frozen, so there. And then he nearly got to eat his breakfast in bed, if it weren't for the small ravenous beasts, stealing the toast and leaving crumbs on our sheets. Mmmmm crunchy.

After a lazy morning we mooched down to Norwich to visit the Art Car Boot fair at the Redwell Brewery. The scene was colourful and eclectic, the beer was plentiful, the music was cool, the food was delicious (Fathers Day meant nothing once the small girl had tried her Dad's curry from Comrades Canteen, luckily he had beer) and the people were smiley. A good choice for a lazy Sunday.

And the art, oh the art! Yes, we looked at that too. Here's my picks from the day...

Ella Goodwin - gorgeous illustrations, I thought they had a manga element to them. Take a look, especially if you like cats (you know who you are). We bought this 'Bumbelina' print for our mighty girl's room:
Image: Ella Goodwin on Etsy
Kellee Rich's pattern's caught my eye - see her Etsy shop to see the full range, some really special prints and hand painted brooches:

Image: Kellee Rich on Etsy
Fiona Gowen had some lovely maps, I'm a bit map obsessed...
Image: Fiona Gowen on Etsy

Beverley Gene Coraldean
As I said, map obsessed, I truly love what this lady does with maps, cartography on another level. Also, check out her Spiegeltent poster on her website. Octopi are cool, end of.


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