Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios

Having been along to the Dulwich Open Studios a few weeks ago, I was so pleased that the Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios happened over the last couple of weeks. And most pleased that a whole host of artists live pretty much in my back garden.

I didn't get along to as many as I'd have liked - you know, life gets in the way, it's not easy to take small people into artists studios - things are all far too interesting and artists don't generally like rugrats being inquisitive*, but here are my highlights, I really recommend you check out any open studios in your area, they are such an insight into otherwise private, and often magical spaces.

*wrecking the joint


Jules Allen
Jules Allen creates artists books, and altered or sculptural books, using a range of materials and techniques. I was particularly taken with the artist's book in the main image and above, a collaboration between the artist and singer/songwriter Marina Florance. It combined original copperplate etchings with lyrics from a CD entitled 'Fisherman' which is contained inside the cover. It really turned a book into an experience.

 The book on the right simply bursts from it's cover, adding a whole new dimension to an otherwise plain book.  See more...

A Quilt in Time
I am always amazed at the time and effort that goes into quilting, creating exquisite, beautifully finished pieces of art that beg to be lived with, not just looked at. The colour matching, the pattern planning, the stitching and the finishing take such skill, they put my efforts to shame...
This quilt was like a stained glass window. See more...

I loved the range of styles and techniques that Jane uses in her work. The little fishies that came home with me don't look so happy about it, but they reminded me of Marianne Nilsson's classic 1950's 'Sill' pattern for Almedahls, featuring herrings all in a row. 

The jugs below caught my eye too, they are slab rolled and then wrapped with wallpaper to get the leaf pattern, once removed, the texture is lovely, highlighted by a wash of blue. Gorgeous!


Hope you enjoyed these, I'm off to finish some long-abandoned projects - newly inspired!

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