Thursday, 1 May 2014

Birthday Patterns

It was my birthday last week, I went to the garden centre. I KNOW, such debauchery. Actually, it was quite nice. It was an ordinary day, looking after the kids, but as it was MY day, I chose to please myself, you know rather than always putting the rugrats first. Of course I still changed the nappies, I'm not that slack, but I also just pottered around the way I wanted to, and let M watch TV when he wanted. Except when I demanded that he turn around and sing Happy Birthday to me at any given moment. He was pretty happy to do that, anything for a quiet life.

The day began with warm soft snugs with small people who wanted to help me open my presents. Once I'd told them to back off, they're MINE, I may have let them have a bit of ripped paper to keep them occupied. Then I dived in myself. I love birthday cards, I love that people always give me patterned and beautiful cards, you know, like they know I write a blog about that or something. My gifts were all really wonderful too (thank you everyone), so now I am even more surrounded by the colour love, what a lucky woman.

Yes, I still dress like a teenage boy.

V&A OpArt Notebook, Carol Ann Duffy Poetry, Geometric Print Wooden Boxes
BeckSondergaard scarf, Rob Ryan Notebook, Anthropologie Herb Pot, M&S Nightie, because you can't go wrong with M&S

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