Tuesday, 13 May 2014

I'm a Winner! - Outdoor Living by Selina Lake

It doesn't happen often, so you know, winning something is worth shouting about. Or at the very least, saying Thank You.

On Friday I received the beautiful book, Outdoor Living by Selina Lake, which I had won in a small giveaway from Caroline Rowland at her inspiring blog, Patchwork Harmony. Always brilliant to receive exciting post, even better when you haven't given your wages to ASOS for the privilege!

So thank you Caroline, now where's the sunshine so I can go outside?

If you're not as lucky as me, you can buy the book here.

image: Rylandpeters.com

Monday, 12 May 2014

Dulwich Festival Artists' Open House or Noseying in Other People's Homes

Happy Monday all, did you have a good weekend? We popped down to London town to see some friends in our old neck of the woods, and as luck would have it, it was the first weekend of Artist's Open House for the Dulwich Festival. So my friend and I ditched our husbands and children and popped off to take a look at a few. The art was, of course, fab, but I think there is nothing better than getting to see the inside of someones studio and workplace, they are as inspiring as the crafts and designs themselves.

Take a look:
images from Roddy and Ginger
Virginia from Roddy and Ginger lives in my dream house I think, with 5 floors of open space filled with mid-century finds. See a wonderful article on the house over in the Autumn 2013 edition of hearthome magazine here. And keep your eyes peeled for a feature from me on Roddy & Ginger in the coming weeks...

images from Sarah Hamilton Prints and Carlos Dominguez Photography

Sarah Hamilton designs her mid-century inspired prints from another divine home with light and windows to die for. See more about Sarah Hamilton's studio plus lovely pictures, over on Confessions of a Design Geek, who did a feature on her a little while ago. For the Open House weekend, she shared her home with Colour Lovin' favourites Mini Moderns, and Paul Craig, a photographer with some stunning land and cityscapes. Sadly she's not opening next weekend, but you can view all her products on the links above (I particularly love the pencil drawings) - and mark her house down for next year!

image: Mini Moderns

The Open House event is on again next weekend, 17/18th May, I highly recommend you go and have a mooch (ours was more of a dash between downpours) around South East London.
Download the brochure here

My picks for some studios worth visiting:

Roddy & Ginger   www.roddyandginger.co.uk
20 Woodsyre, Sydenham Hill SE26 6SS
Craft & design; illustration; prints; textiles

Jo Lewis  www.jolewisart.co.uk
6 Woodsyre, Sydenham Hill SE26 6SS
Fine art - Exquisite watercolours!

The Montage   www.themontage.net
33 Dartmouth Road SE23 3HN
Ceramics; fine art; prints

Havelock Walk Studios   www.havelockwalk.com
152 Havelock Walk SE23 3HG
17 different artists with a diverse range in one place

Lisa Levis  www.bettyandwalter.com
11b Wood Vale SE23 3DS
Craft & design from Lisa Levis (nee Stickley) with her new brand Betty and Walter

Bainbridge Studios   www.bainbridgestudios.co.uk
1 Sydenham Place SE27 0AR
(off Lansdowne Hill)
Fine art; prints; textiles from several artists, plus screenprinting workshops running.

Julia McKenzie   www.juliamckenzie.co.uk
77 Roxburgh Road SE27 0LE
Fine art; prints and papercuts inspired bythe fragility of the natural world

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Birthday Patterns

It was my birthday last week, I went to the garden centre. I KNOW, such debauchery. Actually, it was quite nice. It was an ordinary day, looking after the kids, but as it was MY day, I chose to please myself, you know rather than always putting the rugrats first. Of course I still changed the nappies, I'm not that slack, but I also just pottered around the way I wanted to, and let M watch TV when he wanted. Except when I demanded that he turn around and sing Happy Birthday to me at any given moment. He was pretty happy to do that, anything for a quiet life.

The day began with warm soft snugs with small people who wanted to help me open my presents. Once I'd told them to back off, they're MINE, I may have let them have a bit of ripped paper to keep them occupied. Then I dived in myself. I love birthday cards, I love that people always give me patterned and beautiful cards, you know, like they know I write a blog about that or something. My gifts were all really wonderful too (thank you everyone), so now I am even more surrounded by the colour love, what a lucky woman.

Yes, I still dress like a teenage boy.

V&A OpArt Notebook, Carol Ann Duffy Poetry, Geometric Print Wooden Boxes
BeckSondergaard scarf, Rob Ryan Notebook, Anthropologie Herb Pot, M&S Nightie, because you can't go wrong with M&S