Sunday, 29 September 2013

Go Shopping: Papa Stour

My friends know that I love sharing my interior and homeware discoveries - hell, that's why I write a blog -  and often come to me to ask for suggestions of where to buy things. For example my sister, texting me one Sunday morning a while ago, "Quick on BBC2, where are the coloured jars from on the shelf behind the presenters?" it may be sad, and it might mean I spend too much time window shopping, but I have to say I love knowing the answer to these questions - or at least having suggestions of alternatives if I can't identify something. Anyway, while these foolish things make me feel smugly satisfied, I hope that actually people are pleased when I can tell them about a new thing or a new place. Bad luck if you're not pleased, because I'm still telling you.

So today, I'm sharing one of my favourite online shops, Papa Stour. I've returned to this site since it's early days and am so glad that it seems to have gone from strength to strength.

Founded by designer and stylist Rosie Brown, Papa Stour celebrates contemporary design and crafts coming out of Scotland, and my, are there some beautiful things to celebrate. Here's a selection of my favourites, but make sure you hop over there and check it out.

Ceramic Jar with Wooden Lid by Karen - Ceramicist

Felted Stripe Small Blanket - Baby Blue by Nicola - Knitwear
British Wildlife Cards by Emily - Illustrator
Tote Bag by Laura - Textile Printer
Fig Leaf Russian Dolls by Allistair - Designer
Harris Tweed Cushion Large Oblong by Rosie - Designer
Wee Sleekit Cowrin Tim'rous Beastie Poster by Allistair - Designer

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