Monday, 24 June 2013

Retro colours at Mini Moderns

Love these Darjeeling wallpapers from the new Buddha of Suburbia range from Mini Moderns.

And the gorgeous colours in their environmentally responsible paint range:

There's something I really love about Mini Moderns. Their designs are obviously great, capturing the essence of mid-century styles but also wonderfully original and totally modern. But beyond that, their branding is awesome, with descriptions like 'Reclaimed, responsible, resplendent' and a strapline like 'Made in the UK by nice people', they are one of those companies that not only do I want to buy from, but want to work for!

Plus the styling of their images, simply done, just with key, relevant furniture, is always spot on for me. Totally sells me the whole lifestyle and shows me how their products fit. Find cushions, mugs, fabric, wallpaper, paint and more here.

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