Thursday, 30 May 2013

A-Z of Pattern: D is for Deco + Damask

With Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby in the cinemas, it's the perfect time to get some Art Deco glamour into your life. So in my long-winded-seemingly-ever-lasting A-Z of pattern, firstly D is for Deco - the rich colours and angled forms of the jazz age are all over the place right now. Here are some of my favourite examples:

From top left, clockwise:
Japanese Floral by Florence Broadhurst - classic in gold, but also available in other colours including a dreamy bright yellow.
Deco by Harlequin Turquoise and gold. Gold gold gold!
Turnabouts by Florence Broadhurst - totally indulgent.
Hula by Barbara Hulanicki A striking bold pattern manages to be subtle in this pale lime (different colourways available).
Tivoli by Zoffany Glorious champagne fountains!
Also check out Deco fabulous by NonoEspiga by Tres Tintas, Aspect by Harlequin, Iola by Harlequin.

And... D is also for damask, traditionally used for table linen and upholstery, damask denotes a double sided pattern woven in rich, heavy silk or linen. In wallpapers it resurged in the nineties with the onset of the 'feature wall' and Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen. Twenty years later (feel old?) it's evolved into a much more modern version, experimenting with pattern and colour, and subverting the 'formal' feel of the classic damasks.

From top left, clockwise:
Stratus by The Art of Wallpaper - Soft and gentle
Lotus by Farrow & Ball - An artisanal lotus-flower design, which is drawn from 19th century French archives and influenced by the Arts & Crafts Movement.
ComblĂ© by Tres Tintas  -With it's imperfect finish, this design has the authentic feel of eastern woodblock prints
Flamenco by Eijffinger - A gorgeous watercolour effect makes this less formal than other damasks
Arabesque Teal by Crown Wallpapers - Love the fresh teal on neutral background.
Ananas by Marimekko - Available in a range of colours, i think it works best in the acid brights of lime and this pink.

And finally, Devil Damask by Timorous Beasties, available as a flocked paper, but also as a gorgeous woven lace panel, below. A step up from your Nan's nets, eat your heart out Laura Ashley...

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Jane Foster Retro Scandinavian Style

Ren received some amazing presents from so many gorgeous and generous people, and one of my favourites was a retro cat made by Jane Foster. A simple shape with the sweetest colours and patterns, reminiscent of classic clothkits designs - other mothers will also know that cotton toys are brilliant for the first, slobbery, six months of our lives. 

Jane hand-makes products from vintage fabrics at her home in Devon, and also designs and screen-prints Scandinavian-inspired bold patterns and colours. You can buy them from her own website, and her etsy shop. Surely no-one can resist a zigzaggy lion or a happy scandi chicken?

images: 1+2 Colour Lovin' Mother, 3-6