Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sunniest Spot in the House

Between my sink and the tumble drier, but right now, the warmest, sunniest spot in the house, and I'm going to use it. They say those arctic winds are coming back in a minute.

So it's March, and I'm 2 weeks or so off bringing another tiny punk into the world: and thus, I am at home on a Thursday morning, alone, and for the first time in a long long time, have enough headspace to indulge myself.

37 weeks. Not a basketball.
A and I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, big thinking. It's nice to be able to have those big thoughts, I am very privileged. Out of those big thoughts came some smaller ones, particularly a small, ripe, important one. That I like to create. Unfortunately it does not currently earn me money, and 2 weeks before another colour-loving-person is born is not an opportune time to remember this thing, but it is still of utmost importance, in The Scheme of Things.

This week, I mostly created this:

Safely installed. With hose and maracas. Very important to take to the moon.
It made colour-loving-punk no1 happy, and if he is happy, then I am happy.

Funny how Mama gets all protective of the homemade, ramshackle spaceship when toddler decides it's time to tidy up now and starts dismantling it huh? This spaceship is staying around for a little longer, it is proof for one day only that I was a Good Mother who Turned Off Toy Story.

In kitchen: cushion by Mumo, orange stool from, step stool from ikea. You know where that is.

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  1. The spaceship is amazing Sara, and you look beautifully radiant,love your baby bump!xx