Sunday, 31 March 2013

Did I ever show you the Kitchen?

Before - Don't be fooled

As you can see, the original kitchen wasn't that bad (though bear in mind this is the estate agents picture, with no real belongings in it, and they do like to pretty their photos up.) But what you can't see is that this kitchen was mostly really badly designed (designed in the loosest sense of the word.) I am a cabinet makers daughter, and my parents made bespoke kitchens for years, so I am somewhat spoiled for a good kitchen, but still, these were the key issues:
1.  The worktops appeared to have been put in by a carpenter (or more than likely not a carpenter) with a happy planing hand which meant every joint was mismatched, leaving random gaps for gunk to lodge into.
2. The cupboards seem to have been bought ex-display, as they were the smallest wall cupboards you could find, and didn't actually fit the walls or corners.
3. The dishwasher (next to window in image) was on the other side of the room from the water source, hence pipes dangling along walls under the window.

So if I could get over the slightly dated styling, door fronts and colours, I couldn't deal with the lack of practicality in a room that needs it in abundance.

However, we were on a budget, so a brand new kitchen was out of the question. Thank heavens for Ikea and an experienced cabinet maker in my family to make it fit.

If you've got pretty stuff, why hide it away?
Plates on displayPorcelain: Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Mega

So there you go, new sideboards, top cupboards, doors and handles, open shelving (made from the recycled old wooden sideboard). A little rejigging (dishwasher now on opposite side). New tiles (Metro tiles in 'Bond Street' or 'Atlantis' depending on where you're buying them.) I love the final result. I like items on display, I feel like I remember what I've got that way, and actually use it, whether it's my beautiful Anthropologie noodle bowls, or the pearl barley that had previously been hiding at the back of the cupboard. I'm well aware that the 'before' picture looks brighter and more sleek, but as I said, it contains no actual belongings, and my photo day was not as sunny (And not as sunny as this day either).

Looking back I can see that I've been influenced by these kitchens too...

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