Thursday, 28 March 2013

Coffee colour

Particularly crappy iphone pic. Sorry about that.

Generally I'm not a massive fan of Le Creuset. It's a silly prejudice because I own some and have never been disappointed when using any I have come across, but it's a dislike based on my own childish issues with ultra popular products/music/trends in general. I just think Le Creuset is a bit middle of the road, a bit of an easy choice, a bit meh.

But there was something about the styling of this picture in the Debenhams home brochure (case in point people, it's in Debenhams. I am a snob.) The colours of the mugs when mixed up like this, plus the cute espresso cups (also available in a very cool matt black), might almost be enough to make me welcome some French country kitchen into my home. Maybe.

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