Saturday, 21 July 2012

I Made That: Valentines in July

When you have a kid, there are a whole new set of rules as to how you run your life, and among these rules is one of my favourites:

Sometimes things just don't get done on time, or even close to on time. Sometimes these things will get done 'someday' and sometimes they won't happen at all. 

And that's ok.

This project falls into the penultimate part of that rule, it's July, and so it must be 'someday' because I'm blogging about the valentine I made oooh 6 months ago.
I was inspired by this how to from the Liberty Scrap Challenge on acuppaandacatchup:

Of course, I couldn't just do a simple word, oh no, I gotta have a whole sentence.

It's a bit wiggly, but hung on pins I like it. Made from pipecleaners (mine were sparkly!, but i don't believe thats a requisite), wrapped in fabric. I used heavier cotton than Liberty tana lawn, hence slightly scrappier finish, but that was what was in my cupboard, so that was it. Get the tutorial here.

Here it is on the wall, of course my husband didn't even notice his gift until I stood underneath pointing at it.
Forgive crappily lit iPhone photo.

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