Sunday, 10 June 2012

A-Z of Pattern: C is for Chintz, Checks n' Cheek

This post is brought to you by the letter C. C took a little while, because I just wasn't terribly inspired. But that, my friends, is what Pinterest is for! (Not joined yet? follow me here). After a little browse I realised that C was full of colour (duh) and pleasure. Chintz, checks (ok, gingham), and cheek all had their day in the 1950s, but I've got some fine examples of totally modern ways to continue the cool.

You may think that chintz is the domain of grannies, but this stalwart of country chic was once banned from the UK. Not because the powers that be couldn't take the chi-chi ditsy prints any more, but because French and English mills were concerned about the amount of chintz being imported from Asia in the late 17th century, as they hadn't worked out how to make it yet. Time passed, they worked it out, and the ban was lifted, and thus, Laura Ashley was born. That's probably how it happened anyway.

And we shouldn't forget the House of Hackney's wonderful ombre take on classical chintz in their Dalston Rose range:

Next , when it comes to checks, gingham, tartan, all: going for bold brings these patterns up to date.

On the other hand, up to date can be overrated, here's some proper vintage chic:

Or vintage brought up to date matched with with colour blocking:

Let's face it, everyone likes a little bit of loving. So I think there's no harm in having a few titillating touches (ooer) in the home. So here I've included Dupenny, above, who go all out for a kitsch kitchen with their drawings of ladies in compromising positions, while the Graham and Brown designs below by Marcel Wanders add a slightly more magical element, with the winged goddesses hidden within the designs. Kinda sexy if you've got a thing for Tinkerbell...

Images, all left to right:
Chintz 1:Shoes - Grandma's Dream, Tiles - Made and Found, China - White Porcelain, Liberty Outside Wall - Anzu London
Chintz 2: Hari Chintz - Standfast & Barracks, Teacup - Burleigh, Cushion - High Street Market, Chair - Apartment Therapy
Checks 1: Blanket - Design Sponge, Floor - Wide Open Spaces, Chalford Linen Check - Fabrics and Papers
Checks 2: Dining Chairs - These Tings Take Time, Black Gingham Duvet Cover - Linen House, Black Gingham pillowcases - Remodelista, Tweed upholstery - Sula
 flickr, nanimo, , An Apple a Day
Cheek1: Time for Tea and 50s Housewives - Dupenny
Cheek 2: Erotica - Louise Body, Vintage 70's Nude Women - Design Your Wall, Key Muses - Graham & Brown
Cheek 3: Forest Muses -  Graham & Brown

PS The alternative title of this post was going to be 'C Drives Me Crazy'. 
There's a Muppet version of this song sung by the Fine Young Camels.
Muppets rock.

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