Thursday, 21 June 2012

Magical Magnetic Wallpaper from Sian Zeng

Check out Sian Zeng's 2012 collection of magnetic wallpapers. The whimsical designs with added magnetic fun are perfect for an eclectic, eccentric, English house. And while this wallpaper may obviously be placed in a nursery,  I do think that the patterns and colourways are totally liveable, totally beautiful, for any room.

Sian Zeng is part of the brilliant Cockpits Arts studios, who have an open studios event this weekend in London: Sian Zeng Studio 112, 18-22 Creekside, London, SE8. Get down there!

Sian takes her talent for illustration and fairytale ideas into other products too:

Dry erase thought bubble

Hedgehog in the grass cushion

Drapery Girl Print

Magnetic Art Board, make your memos memorable

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  1. such a simple idea, but i love it! all wallpaper should be magnetic x kat