Sunday, 3 June 2012

Coloured Kitchen Inspiration

We've spent the last little while updating our kitchen, which I shall show you when it is ready. For now, take a look at some inspiring uses of colour in the kitchen. These make me dream of large open spaces to cook and entertain. Not terribly likely in London town. Sigh.

First, coloured cabinets. The picture above makes me ridiculously happy.

Slightly more contrived, but still great. Would that more people could be adventurous with colour (we haven't been outrageous it's true, but you'll have to wait and see!)

Having the lower cabinets in a colour that draws the eye means you barely notice the white wall cabinets, they float in space.

Lavender blue in a country kitchen.

White with Colour Pops. Always my favourite, because white is so easy to live with, and touch up when it gets grubby, and is the perfect foil to owning lots of colourful objects, because white goes with EVERYTHING people.

Yummy yellow

Coloured crockery should not be hidden away.

Mint coloured fridge, gorgeous items on display, and a bah humbug rug. Love it.

Coloured accents: One step on from colour pops, adding in permanent (or semi-permanent) features in deeper hues is slightly braver than above, but need not overwhelm. No-one needs overwhelming with their morning coffee.

Coloured peg board, brilliant and practical storage a la Julia Childs 

Coloured sinks by Jonathan Adler in gorgeous colours. Don't take life, or kitchens, too seriously.

Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirly kitchen. Satisfy your inner Barbara Cartland.

A slightly darker rose pink mixed with dark wood and more masculine black and stainless steel is much more liveable.

Red units + Red apple = tasty

Muted accents of lilac and mint stop a white kitchen being, well, boring.

Yours, dreaming of high ceilings and french windows in my kitchen... Sara x

Coloured Cabinets:  1. apartment therapy 2. Harvey Jones 3. apartment therapy 4. 1st-option locations

Colour Pops: 1. apartment therapy 2 & 3 1st-option locations

Coloured Accents: 1. apartment therapy 2. Jonathan Adler at Kohler 3. Opticolour 4. Krailler 5. Elle Decor via desire to inspire 6. Homes and Gardens via desire to inspire

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