Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Birthday Butterflies With Damien Hirst

I know I know, my birthday was in April, but I forgot to tell you about the wonder of the day.  We put Max in nursery and took a few hours for ourselves. I love my baby but oh my, it is so good to be off duty with my husband. 

First we went to the Damien Hirst expedition at the Tate Modern, then lunch at the Brunswick House Cafe - totally eclectic, totally delicious. On to Drink, Shop & Do near Kings Cross, for a spot of inspiration, tea and cake (tea is very important, never forget), and finally a spot of bowling at Bloomsbury Lanes. It was a perfect day of fun which reminded me how awesome it is to live in London with these things on my doorstep. Sometimes this city can just seem like one big obstacle course, but on days like these, it's an adventure playground.

The day was filled with colour, as you might imagine, but it was the Damien Hirst Butterflies that rocked my world. See the etheral beauty of the wallpaper, available to buy from Other Criteria. Not cheap, but magic.

left, Hope Wallpaper £250 per roll, right, Butterfly Wallpaper £700 per roll

If you're feeling even more flush, the limited edition prints, The Souls I, II, III and IV are also available. This is just an example of different colourways. Hirst is one man who knows how to make money, and has produced each of these designs in over 20 colourways. Guaranteeing something for everyone:

 images: all, except first image, from Other Criteria

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