Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I Made That: Dining Chair Cushions

Manderley in Cerise from the Manderley range by Romo

Crafty projects take time in my world (can't get much done in 1.5 hours nap time, and who can be bothered once you've come home from work and made dinner?*). But about a month ago I had a day at home to myself. The perfect kind of day where you can get up and have a leisurely breakfast and sip coffee while listening to the radio. Then mooch down to the sewing room (ok spare bedroom) and sit down to your sewing machine with the sun streaming through the window.

During that day I finally got out the Romo fabric that comes from the same range as our living room curtains and decided to do something with the poor-excuses-for-dining-room-cushions that ikea sell:

See? that sad little cushion needs to go and sit somewhere quiet and think about what it's done.

Our Danish dining room chairs** have decidedly un-off-the-peg shapes when it comes to buying a comfy extra for your tush. And stylish as they are without cushions, the seat seems just a little low, and just a little flat, so, cushions were needed.

I made a pattern out of newspaper based on the shape of the dining chairs. Then took the aforementioned excuses-for-cushions, covered them in thick quilting wadding, giving two corners rounded edges. Finally I used the fabulous Manderley fabric to sew some pretty nifty cushion covers. I even put zips in, which is a turn-up for the books, because I haven't sewn in a zip since about 2001.

I'm pretty pleased with them, take a look, tell me what you think.

Check out our Living Room Makeover to see more details on the curtains and the Romo range.

* That'll also be the answer when it comes to writing blog posts
** Can anyone identify these dining chairs? We know they are Danish, but they lack labels...

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