Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A-Z of Pattern: B is for Birds

wallpaper: Flapatos by Tres Tintos

I know I did animals already, but I'm afraid that our winged friends are established firmly as a genre of print all on their own.

Bird wallpaper can be twee, and it can be glorious. Nowadays I think wallpaper featuring them should head away from the chinoiserie (unless hand-painted, natch) and firmly into the territory of big and blousy, tropical, even visceral (check out the hulanicki below) and not necessarily what one might call pretty.

From top left, clockwise: Budgies from Art of Wallpaper; Diablo by Barbara Hulanicki at Graham and Brown featuring the raven Diablo, pet of Disney's evil villain Maleficent; Grove Garden by Osborne & Little, seen here in our bedroom, I still love the vibrant hummingbirds; Flight of Fancy by House of Hackney - the bird on a branch archetypal wallpaper is turned on its head by featuring unexpected birds - swans, puffins, ibis and pigeons all balance precariously on thin vines.

Clockwise from left: Cockatoos by Quentin Blake for Osborne & Little's Zagazoo collection; Swallows by Absolute Zero, a wonderful pattern of falling leaves which turns into swallows, or vice versa, if you like; Bird wall stickers in vintage wallpaper by Inke, available from Supernice (adore this whole range, I fancy a big flowery giraffe somewhere in the house)

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  1. Ha ha saw 'hummingbird' in a house I went to the other day nearly snapped it and sent it to you! So glad its on your radar already!!