Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fabulous for 30-something: Shoes

Clarks + Liberty = Yum #GettingOldAndIDon'tCare 
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I was out with some girlfriends the other night, in Peckham. Feeling edgy, feeling a bit cool, feeling a bit, well, younger than usual. The conversation ran around the usual things: our children's ailments, habits, cuteness; our husband's quirks, habits, cuteness (kind of); film, politics, work. It was a wonderful night, and reminded me of a conversation I'd had with another friend last week, about feeling fabulous for thirty-something.

Both evenings made me realise that I've been feeling exhausted of late, stretched too far, dehydrated, a little lacklustre. They also reminded me of that brilliant time in your twenties when you're really working your identity (I liked to think mine was channelling Debbie Harry with a touch of Hitchcock Blonde).

Now, I'm not sure if it's a 30-something thing, or a motherhood thing, or a marriage thing, or what, but I'm so very glad that I can look at the beautiful things younger than me, and not give a monkeys about how I compare to their bodies, hair, confidence. I simply, genuinely, admire them for being so gorgeous and brilliant.

I'm not saying either that I have suddenly perfected myself, far from it. The magazines aimed at me are trying hard to celebrate all women by saying we can have it all, but I'm still fighting personal feelings of lacking, because I can't wear Louboutins (or anything more than a 2 inch heel) and I don't run a successful start-up that I began while breastfeeding, and I'm beginning to suspect that Debbie Harry was only ever in my head. But I am simply saying that I am grateful for what I have, it's all bloody brilliant.

And while the Louboutins elude me, there's always Clarks.

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