Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Louise Body Wallpaper and Fabric

I've been watching Louise Body's developments over the past few years, and love that her work is very different from so much that is on the market. She has just released a new collection named 'Still Life' consisting of two wallpaper designs and four co-ordinating fabrics, featuring key illustrations of loved objects passed on through generations.


All of the pots and vases featured in the designs have been handed down through Louise or her partner's families and the watercolour paintings of a Carnation and a Petunia were painted by her Grandmother who was an artist.

 Totally adore the 'Vase' design above, the mirroring lends it a gorgeous natural element, like it could be water, or wood. Reminds me of the ethereal styles of Eskayel

 Shelf wallpaper with Money Penny fabric, the designs that make up this collection complement each other without being totally samey, I'm all about clashing the patterns woop woop!

The 'Traily Plant' wallpaper in silver is so elegant without being too grown up.

And I couldn't leave you without introducing you to some of Louise's designs that caught my eye when I first came across her. Fabrics clockwise from top left, Foxglove, Marney's Lace, Plant Life, and Garden Birds

Finally, the fabulously saucy and decadent Erotica wallpaper, I think this would be brilliant in a small cloakroom, somewhere behind closed doors, where you would look twice to check what you'd seen.

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