Monday, 9 January 2012

I Made That - Emily Peacock Cross Stitch

I am a crafty tart. Not in a Brer Fox crafty way, I mean, I am a crafter with no commitment to my methods. I like an open relationship with my arts, if you will. So my latest creation comes in the form of a tapestry cushion. Finally finished after two years. I didn't spend the whole two years making it mind, I've made many other things in between, including a whole human being.

The Kiss tapestry designed by Emily Peacock is available elsewhere online ready made, and the description says it has over 25,800 stitches and takes more than 60 hours to complete. I didn't count, hours or stitches, but that's probably about right. Insert changing jobs, buying a house, getting pregnant, having a child, getting married, Christmases, birthdays, painting, quilting, sewing, cutting, sticking, tea and cake and you get two years I reckon.

 The cushion is made with counted cross stitch, so it's just about a lot of counting. I finished the cushion with a pom pom edging as Emily does on her site. It makes me happy.

The back is a fabric we picked up for wedding decoration. I might add a couple of buttons. But if I say that then it means it's not finished. So I won't.

I adore Emily Peacock's other designs, especially the tattoo cushions. Cross stitch is cool! (the above image from EP website).

The biggest pleasure was the combination of gorgeous crewel wool colours supplied in the kit. My photos don't do it credit, but I have quite a lot left so shall have to whip up a small design of my own to use it. I'll show you in 2014.


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