Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Colour Pop Wedding

Hello all, Happy New Year! I trust that everyone has enjoyed the season of love and bubbles? I'm so pleased that I can start 2012 by bringing the details of our wedding to you.

I've been providing sneak peeks here and there, but now, 4 months later I can finally talk about our nuptials, as featured today on the awesome Rock My Wedding blog. I highly recommend it if you're looking for inspiration, it was my blog of choice during my preparation - and I don't say that lightly. I was overwhelmed by the amount of information out there for the common or garden bridezilla bride-to-be, so I chose just a few blogs to follow throughout my planning process.

You can see the main gist of the wedding over on RMW, so I thought I'd just highlight some of the colour-lovin' details for those interested...

Our napkins were made by my industrious Mum from Heather Bailey and Amy Butler fabrics, plus other offcuts from our bottom drawers. The patterned cards on the luggage labels were out of date business cards that I'd had printed at years ago. I also used some of the Shepherds Falkiners paper that I mentioned a while ago.

The flower jars on our tables were just any old clear saved all year by my family and friends, and we used offcuts from the napkins to to cover any that were a bit sticky.

The table numbers and orders of service I just printed with the Rosewood typeface on to cheap  brown kraft paper. I had the inners printed double sided on plain white paper at a print place in soho , then I (well my minions) folded them and tied some garden twine around them.

We went to New Covent Garden Market in London in the early hours 2 days before to buy all the flowers, my main aim was to select English garden flowers. Although I did cheat a little with the ranunculus and craspedia (billy balls) that went in the chaps button holes and paid a little more for them as they were out of season. I was also pretty pleased with the centifolia roses in my bouquet and dotted around, they were a brilliant alternative to peonies which were totally out of season.
I highly recommend you find a sister as brilliant as mine who once did work experience in a florist and learnt how to tie bouquets and make button holes. I was all planning to follow a youtube tutorial, but Helen did a wondrous job and took away my stress.

My Dad and the rest of the groomsmen all wore different Liberty print ties, M's floral shirt was a £3 ebay find from Next - perfect.

My hairpiece was so wonderful that all should bow down and adore it. Right now. Thanks Mrs Winter (Wedding-seekers see here for some gorgeous little headbands for your flowergirls).

For our table plan I used an old plastic (yes that frame is plastic) frame which looks quite naff in real life, but was a pretty good prop. I covered a bit of cardboard in one of the Shepherds Falkiners papers (as before). Then tied some garden twine across and pegged the names to my tiny washing lines. Oh, and Ali had bought a bag full of scrabble letters on ebay, so I used them as a reference to our hard-core scrabble tournaments where I always win. Ahem.
When I say 'I' did all of this, I mean that I prepared it all, but my wedding pixies did the actual assembly on site the day before.

Our guest book was a box of Penguin book cover postcards, which we placed next to an empty album from Muji (covered in Shepherds paper), for people to insert their messages. The sign was made like the table plan, the paper underneath is a Cole & Son Cow Parsley wallpaper sample I had in the cupboard (it helps to be a hoarder).
The floral tablecloths featured on our card table and cake tables, were 60s duvet covers from ebay.
(Willing to sell these on if anyone fancies!)

I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted our invites to look - we made a cd of our favourite love songs, naff you may think, but it's a pretty eclectic selection, and people who know Ali, know that a good mix tape is what he is about. I liked the idea that people might listen in the car on the way to celebrate with us, and it would get them in the mood! So our invite was a simple cd cover - we had a wedding website so that we didn't have to feature every little detail on the invite (we did send a print-out of key details to our older relatives). 
I incorporated the family logo that I had come up with, and the banner I had designed for the website. My amazingly talented bridesmaid Hannah happens to be a graphic designer and took all of my rough ideas and turned them into the joy you see before you. Ali and I then had many nights of cutting and sticking cd labels on. Very satisfying!
Our logo featured in various places - the cake bunting was made out of origami paper on string. I highly recommend making large lengths of tiny bunting as therapy for wedding stress. You can then use it for tiny mouse weddings, or something.

And something you can't hear on a blog.
We walked back up the aisle to '3 is the magic number' by De La Soul.
It totally is.

The majority of photography here were from our official photographer, the wonderful Mark Osbourne. I highly recommend dropping him a line!

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