Friday, 16 December 2011

Sydney Harry Design

I have a lovely friend. Another colour loving mother. We've been friends for 17 years. And I've always thought that she had a pretty amazing style all of her own. She's just one of those ladies.

When we were a bit older, just out of university I think, I remember being in her flat. This was the time when we still didn't have much money for lovely belongings, so when something lovely came into our lives, it was noted. I noted a brilliant piece of art framed on her wall. She said it was by her Grandfather, that her Mum had a bunch of his stuff in the loft, and that they'd decided they should get a few out to enjoy.

Roll on a few years, and her sister decides that it's time to get those paintings out and do something with them. And thus it was that Sydney Harry's art came back out into the world, and I learnt the real legacy of his work.

Sydney Harry (1912-1991) was one of the UK's leading colour theorists in the 1960s and ‘70s who lectured across the UK and Europe as an expert in his field. Yorkshire born, his background in textiles and photography lead to a life-long fascination in colour.

His artworks are an exploration of colour and are an unusual academic and practical blend of science and art. Bridget Riley attended his lectures, and a study of her subsequent paintings may suggest that Harry's 'colour magic' influenced Riley to reassess her use of colour.

Sydney Harry prints are available from Sydney Harry Design.

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