Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Pretty in the City: Fleet Building, Farringdon

On a grey day pushing a buggy through Farringdon, I realised that I was walking past some wonderful pieces of modernist art, on the side of what seems a derelict building.  Had a look when I came home and found out that they are the work of Dorothy Annan. This blog, Esoteric London tells me that the building is the Fleet Building:

"All the panels have a communications theme, as Fleet Building was built for the General Post Office, which eventually morphed into British Telecom. In its time the building was an expression of progressive thinking in design and technology, but the creep of obsolescence has left the building vacant and derelict, another relic of mid-century modernism and the period’s quaint faith in the future. As it is, the building is now in a state of decay and its future is ‘uncertain’ (i.e. it is doomed).
- Roger Dean, Esoteric London

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