Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Based in Brooklyn, NY, design studio Eskayel is the branchild of designer Shanan Campanaro. A graduate of Central St. Martins in London, Campanaro was redecorating her apartment in the spring of 2008, and decided to experiment with the idea of making wallpaper by digitally manipulating sections of her watercolour paintings. After fabulous results she began using the designs in her exhibitions, which quickly led to her first interior wallpaper commissions.

The ethereal quality of her designs is exquisite, I'd love a room with any of her wallpapers, I can't help but think I'd feel beautiful just being in it (this is also a room where babies are dressed in white cashmere and don't have snotty noses ever). Plus, she's just launched a range of rugs with Doris Leslie Blau, which appeal to me as a wonderfully delicate alternative to persian patterns. No shoes allowed!

Eskayel wallhangings at the very least - cuttings of any choice of wallpaper - on the wishlist.

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