Monday, 28 February 2011

Pretty in the City: East London

I've had this idea knocking about for a couple of years now. It began because I was living in Shoreditch in East London, which is a hive for artistic types. So often we'd be out for a walk, even just popping to the shop for a pint of milk, and there would be some new art, often illegal, but also often cheeky, beautiful and always interesting. In my head I started calling it 'Pretty in the City', and it's come to include other surprising beauty on the street, whether it's some interesting decorative tiling long since forgotten, or sometimes even 'proper' commissioned street art. Anyway, let me catch you up on some of the photos I've taken which I consider PITC.

Off Redchurch St, Shoreditch

Clever fingers, Waterson St, Shoreditch

Gated entrance to council estate, Pitfield Street, Hoxton - go Hackney council!

Art installation - the monsters are coming! Curtain Road, Hoxton

Levi's Advert installation, Old Street, Shoreditch

Graffiti, Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch

Shepard Fairey poster, Norwich

Side of a garage, Homerton, Hackney

Possibly my favourite so far, beautiful graffiti birds of paradise, on a wall on Regent's Canal in Dalston. The words say 'Just be thankful for what you got'. Yes indeed.


This week's veg box was like an advert for perfect veg boxes. Well, my perfect veg box anyway, can't you just see the iron and general health? mmmmm.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Wedding Sneak Peek

I'll be using these gorgeous fabrics for our wedding, but where? Hint, not my frock.

l-r Bliss Bouquet Teal and Water Bouquet Mint from the Love collection by Amy Butler; Picnic Bouquet Tangerine from the Nicey Jane Collection by Heather Bailey

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Pixel Perfect from Paul Smith

Well hello pretty dress. I love that your broken tie dye multi stripe print looks a bit like a pixelated zebra. I have 2 weddings this year (not including my own) can I justify that price tag? Unlikely. Paul Smith Black Label Multi Dress £265 at

Colour Scream - Bedroom Redecoration

When we moved into our home, the colour scheme was somewhat bright. Now I'd be a hypocrite to say this was a bad thing, but let's just say that the colours someone had brought in over the years were less than subtle. It was evident that they had been done a fair few years ago, as everything was just a little bit grubby too. The previous owners told us they had always intended to redecorate, but never got around to it.

A big problem in this lovely place, was that, for all its space, we had no storage anywhere. Not an under the stairs cupboard, and nary a nook or cranny utilised. So when we saw this massive bedroom:

I decided a couple of things:1. the colours had to go - I'll admit this picture from the previous owners has a kind of kasbah feeling in the jewel colours they used. However, once you take their belongings out, and remove the shop style shelving from the wall, you're left with a big old expanse of clashing colours, with holes in it.

2. This room is MASSIVE - well for a flat in London town anyway, and there was definitely a better way to use the space. Soooooo, we had a builder come in (a whole blog of its own - suffice to say, ALWAYS get a reference for your builders, and insist on receipts). He built a new wall just in from the chimney, creating double wardrobes on either side of the chimney breast, and cupboards above the wardrobes. The space between the new wall and the chimney has given us shelves from floor to ceiling accessible from either side, and thus, ta daah, mucho spacio. I have filled my side with clothes, shoes and bags, as you would, and A has filled his with a few clothes, a lot of cables and computer equipment - hey, it's his space.

Following the building work, the redecoration went quickly. We replaced the dirty seagrass flooring with neutral carpet, wallpapered the wall our bed faces with 'Grove Garden' by Osborne & Little (not the obvious wall, which would have been the wall our bed backs on to, but I love to lie in bed gazing at it - I couldn't enjoy it nearly as much if it was behind me). We chose the lime colourway, which is a lovely soft, glowing golden colour. For the other 3 walls I matched a dulux colour to the lightest greenish/yellow that features on the leaves on the paper. I'm very happy with the result, the room feels really luxurious now - warm, cosy and grown up. I adored going for afternoon naps when I was pregnant, lying on our bed, with the sun filtering through the blinds - delicious!

With no space on either side of our bed for a bedside table, Dad created a cunning mantel shelf that goes behind our headboard, providing us with space for displaying stuff, books and mugs of tea - perfect!

Key furniture in this room: Bed from Habitat; Sideboard from Unto This Last; Table and stool from Garden Trading Company; Ercol Butterfly Chairs (vintage); Eames LCW Chair from Vitra; Mirror on sideboard Durlston Designs by Owen Thomas c. 1967.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

ta daah

This is a small beginning, because everything must start somewhere. If you are reading for the first time, let's begin together. Let me take you by the hand and lead you through... ooh going a little Ralph McTell there, but let's just see where we go. I love an adventure. Have you brought sandwiches?